Secrets to live a beautiful life

By Jessica Robinson

Albert Einstein once said that there are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as though everything is a miracle. His words highlight that it is our perception of life, which makes it either beautiful or troublesome. Undoubtedly, we have the individual right to shape our perception of life. Still, one thing is sure that if we start beautifully looking at life, we can become happier and healthier individuals. Most of the time, we keep looking at the drawbacks of life for so long that we fail to appreciate life’s goodness. This gives rise to misery, and we no longer enjoy living. But, this isn’t what we wish for, isn’t it? We all have a desire to live a beautiful life, and believe me; we can! In this blog, we are going to discuss seven secrets to live a happy life. 

Knowing these secrets is only the beginning. Further, through the regular practice of these secret techniques, we can live a beautiful life. So, before we proceed further, promise yourself that you’ll make your life attractive with the application of these secrets. Now that you have made the promise, let’s move: 

Seven secrets to live a beautiful life: 

1. Practice mindfulness: 

One of the biggest secrets to live a beautiful life is to practice mindfulness. It is the art of living absolutely in the present moment, i.e., the now. When you are living in the moment, your mind is free from the worries of the future and regrets of the past. You become free from intruding thoughts, and every moment of your life assumes peace and beauty. Living mindfully doesn’t mean that you cannot plan for the future. You should have a vision! Once you have created your vision, you have to perform each step to realize your vision with your 100% presence. Live in the moment, work at the moment because all joy and beauty lie at the moment. If you find it hard to understand this right now,  just give mindfulness a try. Soon, you’ll realize how much beauty it adds to your life. Now, how can you practice mindfulness? It is effortless. Get involved in everything you do. For example,  if you are cooking, get engrossed in it. Feel the texture of the vegetables you chop, smell them, look at the colors they have, and so on. In the beginning, you may find it hard to practice this process, but over time you’ll find it easy to become mindful. 

2. Express Gratitude on an everyday basis: 

Most of us don’t find our lives as beautiful because we are so used to them. For example, every day that we are alive is a miracle on its own, but how many appreciate it? We take life for granted, and no wonder we don’t find it beautiful. This implies that to live a beautiful life, we have to pause and look at the blessings we have, beginning with ourselves. When you open your eyes in the morning, be grateful as God has given you another day to live, yay! As you see, your loved ones fit and healthy right in front of your eyes, you have another big reason to be grateful for! Isn’t it? Then, you have a house to live in; that’s another thing to be thankful for! If it seems normal, just grab your smartphone and conduct a Google search about the number of homeless people worldwide. The results will make you feel surprised, and your heart will naturally get filled with gratitude, and you’ll start finding your life as beautiful. So, you should try to express gratitude on an everyday basis. You can either say it verbally or keep a gratitude journal with yourself. 

3. Serve others: 

You must have already experienced that it feels so good to serve others. Whenever you bring a smile to someone’s face, you feel pleased inwardly. When you are happy, how does your life appear? Beautiful, isn’t it? This implies that to live a beautiful life, you should try to take the initiative to serve others. Now and then, you can feed someone hungry, give clothes to someone in need, feed stray animals, and so on. All these things will help you make your life beautiful. 

4. Have a life purpose: 

Having a purpose is what adds immense beauty to our lives. When we have a sense, each day is immersed in fulfilling it and creating waves of joy. Undoubtedly, obstacles do arise, but when we overcome these obstacles with our dedication, we again experience immense happiness, making our lives beautiful. So, a straightforward secret to living a beautiful life is to have a purpose. It may or may not be professional. If you wish, you can also dedicate some part of your life to help society and people. It depends entirely on you, but make sure to live each day purposefully, and you’ll naturally find your life beautiful. 

5. Retreat in the lap of nature: 

Many times we are so busy that we fail to appreciate the wonders scattered all around us. We do not even pause for a moment and keep hastily moving through our lives. This haste makes us feel restless, and we no longer find our lives to be beautiful. So, one big secret for happiness is to take brief pauses every day to relax and retreat in the lap of nature. As we do so, we see the beauty all around us, and our mind becomes peaceful, which ultimately makes our lives beautiful. Now that you know this secret, you should try to retreat to the lap of nature every day. You may try watching clouds in the sky, watering the plants, or just simply watching the marvels of nature around. All this will help you add immense beauty to your life. 

6. Make meditation a part of your daily routine: 

Stress is one of the major causes which make our lives miserable. This implies that to reclaim the beauty in our lives, we have to work on stress management and meditation is one of the best techniques for that. It induces a calm inner state, which brings a significant reduction in our stress levels. So, we should try to make meditation a part of our daily lives. To begin with, you can utilize guided meditation videos to learn the process of reflection. 

7. Do make some time for things which you love doing: 

We all have some things in our lives, which we love doing. It can be anything like dancing, singing, painting, gardening, etc. These things give us immense joy and make our lives beautiful. But, as we grow up, we often get engrossed in the humdrum of our daily routine and don’t make time for the things we love. This adds feelings of dullness in our lives, and we don’t find them to be beautiful. So, doing the things which we love is another secret to living a beautiful life.

Life is life. If we put our best efforts, we can make it beautiful despite the struggles it has. The seven secrets mentioned above will help you put your dedicated efforts towards creating a beautiful life for yourself. Now, wishing you all the best, and may you enjoy living a beautiful life. 

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” These words by Marc Anthony are perfectly apt for Jessica Robinson. She has been serving as a content manager at ‘The Speaking Polymath’ for around 10 years but still feels the same passion for her work which she felt on the very first day.

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