Learn more about the music artists featured during Inclusion Festival 2022! 


A vibrant, cross-pollinated blend of jazz, jam, funk, and soul. They formed in late 2015, coming together from playing in an assortment of local bands in central PA. The band is inspired by 1970s soul music; New Orleans roots of jazz music; producers such as Pomo and Kaytranada; and modern-day funk groups such as Vulfpeck and Tuxedo. Their music features raw instruments and captures a high-energetic sound.


A five-piece rock band born of Greensboro, NC who have been conquering crowds and melting minds all over the country progressively for over a decade. The band’s music can be described with all types of varying rock and roll terminology, but is absolutely best defined by each listener’s ear and, equally important, their experience. Since the inception of The Mantras in the mid 2000’s, the band has been touring the country and building a catalog of 7 studio albums and over 100 original songs. Performing an entirely different set of music each night is an integral part of the band’s direction and mission as well as the ability to truly improvise in between orchestrated pieces. With eclectic influences of sounds from around the globe, The Mantras create a musical escapade during each performance, giving every ounce of emotion to their craft of expression and communication through music.


Diamond Eye Jack brings the energy and power of the 1970s-era Grateful Dead to the entire catalog of the Dead, Jerry Garcia Band and cover songs played throughout their careers. They have an ability to recreate that unique feeling of being at a Grateful Dead concert through their improvisational setlists, exploratory jams, crisp harmonies, and powerful rhythm section. The good vibes start from the interaction of band members on stage and emanate throughout the venue to all in attendance.

Enjoy Every Moment is an original blend of roots, funk, and reggae, with a strong emphasis on live improvisation. Funky comping and piquant rhythms of the band evoke sepia-toned images of beach days and backyard bonfires. The band takes every opportunity to remind their audience how loved they are, layering their musical performances in irony and striving to continually bring their fans into the folds of their endless inside jokes. The atmosphere around the stage radiates with good vibrations; with smiles from performers and audience alike throughout the show, active listeners are rewarded by a key component of EEM’s core belief: These boys are here to have fun.

Ryan Gilfilian is an artist, producer, disability advocate, and connoisseur of confidence. He was born into a musical family and hs been singing since he could speak. It wasn’t until Ryan suffered a car accident, leaving him paralyzed at 18 years old that his passion for singing and songwriting was reignited. Ryan will be performing with SNACKTIME, and will be a panelist in the “Access & Inclusion For All” panel discussion on Friday at 1pm.

Gooch & the Motion bring a unique blend of Americana blues rock music that combines elements of classic artists you know and love with reimagined original flavor. Lead singer and slide guitarist Ryan “Gooch” Nelson writes lyrics from the heart and delivers them with a deep, gravely voice the likes of Dr. John and Tom Waits. The Motion’s real power is in their live jams that are woven together tightly, leaving audiences wanting more!

Kuf Knotz and Christine Elise have brought their unique blend of hip-hop, soul and classical traditions to various communities. Releasing their highly anticipated second album “Ké m yōōnədé”, Kuf and Christine’s music explores themes of unity, spirituality and the infinite possibility of creating a better world. They fuse hip-hop poetry with bluesy beats supported by the harp. And, you can dance to it. They also founded a community outreach performance project, Higher Grounds Music, that offers motivational creative arts workshops and performances at various settings such as hospitals, schools and community centers. Their mission is to use motivational, classical hip hop to foster community growth.

Lachi is an award winning recording artist and prolific EDM singer-songwriter whose work has debuted on national Dance charts and editorial lists, amassing millions of streams, and finding placements on TV, Radio and Feature film. Being legally blind, Lachi advocates for disability inclusion and accessibility in the music and entertainment industries, and is the founder of RAMPD (Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities).

John Protopapas studied classical Indian music/yoga for many years in India and has been teaching a World Music course at York College in York, PA for twenty years. John will be facilitating a relaxing late night sound journey with his sitar on Friday evening in The Lounge. Find a comfortable place to relax, close your eyes, breathe, and allow yourself to connect with this healing sound journey.

A NYC singer-songwriter, recipient of the NY arts grant, nominated by the IMEA Awards, and selected for New York Musical Theater’s top female finalists in 2022. Rivky’s music has appeared on PBS’s Mysteries Of Mental Illness. Her career jump-started composing for Off-Broadway, meeting her friend and Cellist Brian Sanders, releasing their first album, inviting them to The Kennedy Center, and stages featuring Suzanne Vega. Rivky currently hosts “Melody Left Behind”, celebrating performers living with schizophrenia, psychosis and those who experience the stage just a little differently, pushing the boundary to welcome more neurodiverse inclusion on mainstream music stages, which often doesn’t exist for every unique artist.

Born out of the 2020 pandemic, Snacktime Philly arose to inspire joy and camaraderie in their native Philadelphia, performing free shows in various city parks before finding a more permanent home in Rittenhouse Square. They have since grown to be a local symbol of positivity and cathartic release in the midst of uncertain times, showcasing the richness of Philadelphia’s music community from neighborhood festivals to Philadelphia 76ers halftime shows, as well as headlining Philly clubs, supporting national touring artists and curating their own food/music events. Snacktime Philly is the party you wish you were at, and the sound of Philadelphia.

A genre-defying band led by Madison Gerish & Daniel Skinner, featuring a rotating line-up of their intrepid traveling friends. Madison’s philosophical, vulnerable and disarming lyrics dance with Daniel’s subtle yet moving melodies, all while leaving space for their talented caravan of musical comrades. The music is rooted in deep improvisation and an emphasis on being courageous when facing the absurdities of life.

The Big Dirty is known for laying down their signature filthy, funky groove, delivering from a wide palette that finds a place among any audience that enjoys soulful, inspiring, fresh, and creative instrumentation. With each member utilizing a wide variety of effects and styles, and creative collaborations within the songwriting process, TBD continues to forge a signature sound that makes heads turn and bodies move.

Especially Everyone is an organization that utilizes the power of music to spread joy, help others discover purpose, and facilitate meaningful human connections in the community. The Especially Everyone Ensemble is a collection of musicians that facilitates that experience and aims to make music more accessible for all.

We are honored to welcome back one of our headliners from our inaugural year as our Artist at Large! Out of the foothills of Montgomery & Berks County comes a rumbling sound, the sound of a freight train coming down the tracks. A rag tag band of bearded hoboes are Hoppin Boxcars to get to their next gig. They will take you on a sonic ride through their tales that will leave you wanting more. Bring your dancing feet, because you’re gonna need them! You will find the hobos doing pop-up performances at various locations throughout the venue over the course of the weekend.

This five-piece Beatles tribute act is dedicated to performing every era of The Beatles to recreate and bring back a sense of Beatlemania! Follow the Yellow Submarine parade, which will culminate at the start of their Saturday set! Watch the Beatles video below to get inspired to participate in the accessible parade!