Accessible Festivals 

Accessible Festivals is a non-profit organization dedicated to making live music and recreational events fully accessible for people of all abilities. By educating the public and bringing together like-minded organizations, we can end the stigmatization involved with having a disability so that everyone can have the opportunity to have amazing experiences, regardless of ability.

Donations from Inclusion Festival ONLINE will directly support Accessible Festivals mission!


AccessRec LLC is an American family owned business founded by Sebastien Ragon, his wife, Kristen and John Rafanello in Clifton, NJ. The development of AccessRec LLC was truly inspired by both Sebastien and Kristen’s passion for leisure and recreational activities, as a holistic approach for healthy living. Together, they formed AccessRec LLC, with the mission of providing safe, effective access to recreational opportunities for individuals of all abilities. From ground accessibility matting systems to wheelchairs, AccessRec LLC offers a wide range of products to improve safe inclusion to recreation.

Eagles Nest Outfitters

ENO began as a small operation in Florida with a big plan to travel the East Coast in a ramshackle minivan and sell hammocks at music festivals and community gatherings along the way. In the early years, home was wherever the van was parked that night.  Being on the road and sharing a passion for hammocking through first hand encounters, fueled a dedication to make and sell the most comfortable hammocks in the world.


HeadCount is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that uses the power of music to promote democracy. You can typically find HeadCount at concerts and festivals, but due to COVID-19, they’re taking action online to make sure everyone has a voice. Register to vote, verify your status, or pledge to vote here.

Live For Live Music

Live For Live Music brings the music scene to you. Their online content covers the artists they admire, uniquely catered to a devoted readership. Working with these talented musicians, L4LM can organize and promote engaging concert experiences for fans.

Pilestone Color Blind Experts

Founded by Ben Zhuang in July of 2011, Pennsylvania, United States. Pilestone Colorblind Experts now has branches in many regions of the world and internationally recognized Pilestone Colorblind Glasses have brought true colors to millions of lives. Pilestone actively works alongside the leading industry experts and uses only the most up-to-date and advanced technology. Their mission is to bring affordable solutions to the colorblind society and help people see the beauty of the world.


SUBPAC is the first fully integrated audio system that immerses the body in high fidelity physical sound. It is a wearable tactile audio system that quietly and accurately transfers deep bass frequencies to create an immersive, physical, full-body experience. Already used by thousands of leading music and sound creators, the SUBPAC is one of the most trusted audio production and bass monitoring tools available.


A Moonmat is a revolutionary new utility mat! Moonmats are re-purposed from the same high quality hypoallergenic memory foam which is used to fashion military grade earplugs. The mats are extremely comfortable and malleable, conforming to your needs regardless of the application. Moonmats are also durable, lightweight, and easily transported with dimensions of approximately 112cm x 145cm. Moonmats have color reversible sides, each side displaying one of Moonmat’s out-of-this-world colors: Ostentatious orange and Stellar blue. Perfect for yoga, camping, children, pets, and music festivals. 


Jayli is a small family owned business that began “out of the dust of the Dead”. We started selling 16 years ago, design our own clothes and manufacture them in Nepal and Thailand. We use unique fabrics and fun colors to create Hippie and Bohemian clothing and accessories consciously made and fairly traded with peace and love!

Benjamin Berry’s Pop Up Hoop Shop

Quality, handmade hula hoops made by a professional hoop dance instructor and performer. Benjamin loves to create hula hoop designs that allow people to express their personal uniqueness and creativity. 

Guayaki Yerba Mate

At Guayakí, we’re about much more than just yerba mate: we believe yerba mate culture is an invitation to life. Embodied in our mantra, COME TO LIFE is an invitation to personal, social, ecological and cultural regeneration. The regeneration of the planet is at the heart of our business model. Every time you purchase Guayakí Yerba Mate, you’re creating a positive global impact. We call it Market Driven Regeneration™ , and it’s the driving force behind everything we do.

Jeremy’s Vision

Artist Jermey Sicile-Kia has autism and synesthesia. He explains: “Synesthesia means that greatly my senses are mixed. Frankly I see letters and numbers in color and in different sizes. I see color in all specks of dust, and in the specks of dots that make up the letters in names. Every name has a beautiful color. It is really magnificent to see. Art has frankly given a meaning to my life. I kindly read people’s emotions and translate them in my dreams into glorious portraits, realizing each person’s true self. I love my life since I learned to paint my dreams. I frankly hope my paintings inspire only the good in people, and I greatly hope that I make a difference in the world with my art.”

Super Duper Publications

Super Duper makes games, flash cards, workbooks, and more for children with special needs and language delays. All products are developed by experienced speech-language pathologists and educators!

NEPA Inclusive

NEPA Inclusive was founded on the idea that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Autism, and other forms of disabilities should be able to work and live inclusively in the community the same way anyone else does. To that end, the agency focuses on job training, employment services, community living and day services, housing services, and a myriad of other types of advocacy and support services all designed to help people with disabilities live a truly inclusive life.

Generation Mindful

Generation Mindful is a social-mission driven company bringing an end to shame and pain based childrearing practices through mindfulness and play. With tools, support, and education GEN:M is making connection a habit, and giving back to families and children in need along the way. Our mission is to support people as they become who they truly are, helping all ages to feel powerful, safe and connected. 


CashorTrade is the world’s first social network where fans buy, sell, and trade tickets at face value. Touted as the “Airbnb of tickets” (, CashorTrade has worked tirelessly to provide fans with the face value experience. It’s newest feature is CashorTrade Streams, a free streaming tool for musicians and fans alike to come together to enjoy live music from anywhere.

Project Bring Me 2 Life

A multi-media network that features several podcasts, music broadcasts, TV, and more. Each show and episode follows our core values of Peace, Love, Unity, and Equality. They are available on iHeart, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Stitcher, Google, and most other podcasting platforms. Project Bring Me to Life’s goal is to create a community outlet of awakened artists, musicians, poets, writers, bloggers and podcasters and share their stories with the rest of the world. 

Project Bring Me 2 Life is the host of Inclusion Festival ONLINE’s Virtual Sensory Zones! 

Inclusion Project 

Books, shirts, coloring pages, advocacy guides, and more to emphasize the idea that INCLUSION is a mindset. 

Just Be Nice

Just Be Nice was born over 20 years ago in Tampa, Florida by its founder George Mason, who swore that the message came to him in a dream. From that day until the day he passed in 2008, it was his daily mission to wake up, put on a JBN t-shirt and plaster the message anywhere and everywhere he could. He put stickers on bus stops, park benches, cop cars, shelves in grocery stores – spreading the constant reminder to be nice consumed every part of his life. After he passed, his two daughters, Finley and Kat, decided to carry on the JBN torch to help push the message forward, and although George is gone, the practice has remained the same – spread a little niceness one day at a time.

Just be nice is a social movement fueled by action. Being nice is a choice, and we exist to help encourage/remind others to make that choice, even when it’s not the easy one to make. It’s that simple…

Music Therapy Associates

Music Therapy Associates, LLC was established in 1990 by Katherine M. Purcell, MT-BC. With 18 board certified music therapists, MTA provides families and organizations with the days, times and locations for our services that suit them best. Yes, we travel and provide services at your home or other community location as well as our Whitehall, PA studio! The goal of MTA is to use music to enrich the development of individuals of ALL ages and abilities.

Pappy’s Vibrations

Pappy’s steel drums are made by recycling steel tanks.  The top and bottom of the tanks are removed, center ring set aside, then the  top and bottom are attached to each other.  Others will attach the top and bottom using different types of epoxy, but Pappy’s steel drums are welded together then the seam is ground until it is smooth. Every drum is different and unique in its own way. One of the greatest things about this invention is that it doesn’t require any particular skill to play it.  Anybody can play the steel tongue drum.  You can play it drum using your hands or mallets.  However, if you want the sound to be loud, you need to play it with the mallets or sticks.

Lehigh Valley Adult Services

Lehigh Valley Adult Services (LVAS) is more than an adult day center and a human services provider. We believe in a holistic approach to care. We are compassionate about our delivery of service through home and community-based programs that provides assistance to adults, those both aging and/or with serious and persistent mental illnesses, empowering them to maintain or successfully gain independent living and functioning in the community.

Astral Hoops

Original Innovator of the Smart Hoop, Astral Hoops has been the leader in cutting edge hoop technology for over 10 years. Our Programmable LED Smart Hoops and Levitation Wands are handcrafted by a skilled team of flow artists in Denver, Colorado. We’re also proud to offer top of the line flow props from other industry leaders such as Synergy Flowarts and Flowtoys.