Inclusion Festival is thoughtfully designed to include and accommodate people of all ages and abilities. Read below to learn about our accommodations as well as our festival rules and healthy tips!

Sensory-friendly environments are thoughtfully designed to help individuals experiencing sensory processing issues manage sensory stimuli so they can feel more comfortable, enjoy their surroundings, and successfully interact with others. Accommodations at Inclusion Festival include music played at a lower volume (30-40 decibels lower than standard shows), the absence of strobe lighting, a layout that reduces crowding, opportunities to engage in mindfulness activities, and quiet, peaceful places to take a calming break.

Wheelchair Accessibility: The venue is navigable for people in wheelchairs with the assistance of our ADA Access team. There are many paved pathways leading to areas of interest and activity as well as pavement drop off sites. Terrain includes grass that is cut short. Shuttle transportation is available for anyone who may need assistance.

Effective Communication will include the availability of American Sign Language Interpreters and audio descriptions throughout the event. These accommodations will be available at select performances or by advanced request for any performance or workshop. Requests must be made at least 30 days prior to the event to allow for ample preparation. For requests, please email

Access Center: All questions can be answered by our friendly staff at the Access Center! In addition, charging stations to recharge wheelchair batteries or other assistive technology devices. If you need to store equipment such as oxygen tanks or insulin, Access Center staff will register the equipment and place it in a safe location.

Accessible Day Parking: There is a reserved accessible day parking area located within the general day parking area, available to those with a valid, government issued handicap placard or plate.

Accessible Viewing Areas and Sensory Zones: There are shaded viewing areas and Sensory Zones with ongoing activities for all ages available for those who need a cool, quiet place to sit and relax. All zones are indicated on the festival map.

Concessions/Dietary Restrictions: Food vendors are fully accessible, located throughout the venue, and selected to accommodate a number of dietary sensitivities. If assistance is required please confer with a festival staff member, or directly with food vendors.

Relaxation Zone: a relaxing space featuring resources and activities known to benefit individuals with anxiety and sensory-processing challenges. Amenities include comfortable seating, noise-cancelling headphones, weighted blankets, and more.

First Aid: First Aid is located in a private, central location within the campground. Professional medical staff is available to assist anyone with any medical issues that arise.

Guided Venue Tours: We are happy to provide guided venue tours upon request. To set up a guide, please contact us.

Large Print Information: All essential information (i.e. venue maps, music schedules, workshop schedules) will be available in large print at the Access Center.

Deaf/HOH Accommodations: Sign language interpreters are onsite throughout the weekend, available to interpret performances, workshops and other activities on an as-needed basis. Check in at the Access Center to speak with an interpreter.

Service Animal Policy: Well-behaved and leashed pets, emotional support, and service animals are welcome. All animals must be registered at the Access Center.

Restrooms: There are sanitary, wheelchair accessible restrooms located throughout the event grounds, cleaned/maintained on a regular basis.

Changing Stations: A private area located at the First Aid Station, is available to any patrons in need of a private location for changing and repositioning.

Online accommodations will include the continuous availability of closed captioning and American Sign Language Interpreters during livestreams, and advanced accessibility features built directly into our website. Click on the orange accessibility icon in the top right corner of all pages to learn more about how to customize your online experience to best meet your needs.

Further Questions? Please Contact us: