The festival was beautiful and the best virtual event I have seen! I would love to work together more to build performances with your organization and spread joy globally during this difficult time of Covid and BLM.” -Naila A.
Inclusion Festival ONLINE was extraordinary! Everyone involved is so talented and dedicated. It was fun and intelligent and beautiful at the same time.”-Laura H.
I was so impressed by the quality of the content you put together. I learned so much I did not know about autism.” -Karen V.
Inclusion Online was wonderful. I personally enjoyed all of the great breathing exercises, dance and hula hoop workshops, and of course the musical performances and artist interviews. You guys did a fantastic job!” -Andrea F.
We had a blast making music and are so honored it was shown on your platform. Inclusion Festival is one of the few festivals we know of that actually pulled through this surreal year and made something amazing happen (during Covid). We are so grateful to be involved.”-Anthony T.
Congratulations to Amy and Leah for a festival well done! It was such a wonderful time. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I was brought to tears of joy! It feels really good to know we’re not alone. Thank you for facilitating such an innovative & immersive experience. Please keep me informed about future inclusion fest news and events.” -Chris N.
This was an amazing uplifting and heartfelt event that touched so many people. Looking forward to supporting future events!” -Rachel S.
Thank you so much (Leah and Amy) for this beautiful festival that you have created. You are both extremely inspiring. It was most definitely life changing to many people.” -Hannah D.
I was SO honored to be a part of this first-year festival that was created to honor ALL. From all walks of life, all ages, and all sensory or learning abilities. Thank you to Amy and Leah and the rest of their amazing team the extreme amount of dedication and organizing skills! I’ve never been to such a well-organized event.” -Shannon S.
Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this amazing festival. I loved getting to joke and laugh with people as they came through the gate and again seeing the huge smiles as people were leaving. The energy was uplifting through the entire event. The sensory-supportive spaces and workshops were extremely educational for all involved. Being in the presence of so many loving, kind, passionate inclusive minds was a breath of fresh air. This was by far the most family friendly event I’ve seen yet. As a parent that meant a lot to me.”-Shoshana K.
Had such a great time! By far, hands down, unequivocally my most favorite event this year! So much magic, I love it!”-Merle L.
Bravo! Seeing you vision come into fruition is a true gift to all of us! The ARTS must be ALIVE in all of us in order for us to thrive as humanity! You are vehicles of passion! Honored to be a part of the magnificence!”-Jen M.
Thank you, Amy and Leah, for an incredible weekend at Inclusion Festival 2018. We had an amazing time, shared incredible moments, and learned a lot about ourselves and others. The love I received from this event will carry with me. Thanks for the treasured memories, friends new and old!”-Loly K.
Thank you again and again for such a great, heartfelt weekend. This weekend at Inclusion Festival I was a part of the world as it should be. Love, kindness, understanding, hope, sharing and caring. I can go on and on. I witnessed sooo sooo many life changing moments. So many including my family are thinking of next years’ Inclusion Festival. Watching so many with ALL ABILITIES Feel like they BELONGED, THEY FIT IN, THEY WERE PART OF SOMETHING… I can’t say enough. Life Is Great thanks to people like you.”-Michele B.
I wanted to thank you deeply for the incredible experience of participating in your powerful and inspiring inclusion festival. I learned so much that weekend and felt so supported and motivated to continue to teach, with particular excitement to continue the journey of becoming a better teacher and community member for friends with a wide range of learning styles and special needs, I am so grateful for all of the work you’ve all done and feel honored to have been welcome to take part in this historical moment! I would really love to be involved in future events and festivals that you host, so if you ever need more volunteers please let me know!”-Julieta V.
Thank you for having the compassion and empathy to put yourselves in positions to fully utilize your gifts and talents. You are touching the lives of others positively and making your sphere more tolerant. That is our purpose. I have to believe that. I had a great weekend and left a better man for it.”-Joe P.
Inclusion Festival accomplished exactly what it set out to do; to create an environment where people of all ages and abilities can experience the joy of movement, art, and live music in a sensory-friendly environment. It was such a pleasure facilitating juggling, hoop dance, prop crafting, and daily BrainDance workshops. Many families came by the Creation Zone multiple days, and several told me that circus arts were their favorite part of the event! I am already excited for next year and am feeling inspired to work more with the special needs population here in Buffalo. Thank you for including me.”-Ben B.
I had the absolute pleasure of volunteering at Inclusion Festival, a music festival that is sensory-friendly and accessible for those of all abilities! It is difficult to put into words what the experience meant to me. I just know going into the weekend I was being eaten with anxiety, creating list after list of things that still needed to be done, and hard on myself for not doing better. Leaving the weekend, I felt grounded, loving, and grateful. I can’t commend Amy and Leah more for the amazing work they do to put on such a joyful event.”-Lacey K.
What can I say about Inclusion Festival besides the fact that it’s the best festival I’ve ever attended. Festivals are known to leave you feeling amazing when they’re over. They even give us “post festival blues” after experiencing that great energy and then it comes to an end. It’s hard to shut it all off. But most of us experienced festival go’ers know to try and take that energy with us and spread it out into the world. But Inclusion was something different. Leah and Amy have created a new type of festival. I experienced feelings there that were new and exciting. The party atmosphere was still very much a part of the festival, but existed in a different way that was gentle and fun. It was the atmosphere that these two amazing humans created for everyone. The “togetherness” and the “belonging” feelings stay through the entire experience and as I’m writing this I can tell you those very feelings last long after as well. From the cleansing ceremony that starts this beautiful festival off, to the countless workshops and their eager teachers and an amazing staff full of support. It’s safe to say from my perspective that this festival was my favorite of all time. The time, energy, creativity, support, thoughtfulness and last but not least, love, that these two women put into Inclusion makes it what it is. I can go on forever, but you’ll really have to experience it for yourselves. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”-Pat K.
My entire family had such an amazing time at Inclusion! It was the first time I brought all 4 of my children, and the only festival I would bring all of them to because of the atmosphere you all created! My children’s grandmother and aunt were able to come for the weekend as well and they enjoyed every moment they were there!”-Torrie S.