Mountain Sky is a beautiful, family-friendly music venue and campground located on 117 rolling acres of historic fields and forest land at “The Beginning of the Endless Mountains” in Jermyn, Pennsylvania. They are dedicated to the promotion and cultivation of local arts and music, as well as the entertainment, recreation, and benefit of their region. 

The surrounding community of Scranton is home to many individuals and businesses that recognize the importance of holistic living and support families of individuals with special needs through various therapy centers, advocacy channels, and support groups.

The founders of Inclusion Festival, Amy Pinder and Leah Barron, found Mountain Sky serendipitously when another festival they planned to attend was cancelled unexpectedly. Upon arrival, they immediately felt a strong connection, and a sense of love and compassion from the Mountain Sky Family. After experiencing a weekend of music in the mountains and engaging with the present community, it became clear that this was the venue that they had been searching for.

Mountain Sky offers a breathtaking landscape, easy access from the interstate, and existing amenities including multiple stages and inviting spaces for exploration, activities, and workshops. The existing community is warm, welcoming, and has already embraced “Mayor Max,” an individual with special needs who has reportedly improved his confidence, functional capacities, and social communication skills while spending time at Mountain Sky.

In support of Inclusion Festival 2019, The Mountain Sky Foundation has generously donated a portion of their venue for the event! 

Family-friendly on and off-site accommodations are available to overnight guests to ensure maximum comfort and participation that is customized to the needs of each individual. 




Mountain Sky is located at 63 Stillmeadow Lane, Jermyn, PA 18433, however some navigation apps do not match up correctly with the physical address!!!​ Please use the following directions for a smooth, easy arrival: I-81 to Exit 202 where you will turn onto Route 107 heading east. Keep an eye out for the large Mountain Sky sign on the right (in approximately 0.8 miles) and turn onto Stillmeadow Lane.