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Inclusion Festival is the nation’s first and only sensory-friendly music and wellness festival for individuals with and without special needs.

At Inclusion Festival, participants share in a variety of educational and wellness workshops, enjoy sensory-friendly live music performances, learn about and participate in evidence-based therapies, and connect with local service providers. Workshops provide tangible take-away strategies, emphasizing issues that pertain to learning differences. Our goal is to provide unique, immersive experiences that are often inaccessible to individuals impacted by special needs, while also providing the general community with an all-encompassing educational and uplifting experience that demonstrates the potential contribution of all people.

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Inclusion Dining is a sensory-friendly dining experience designed to include and accommodate people with autism and other special needs. Inclusion Dining features accommodations like music played at a lower volume, staggered seating times to reduce waiting, modified picture menus, social stories to support ordering and waiting, table-top activities, therapists onsite for support and suggestions, and much more!

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Inclusion Zones are accessible, sensory-supportive spaces that are available to all individuals who may benefit from the opportunity to take a quiet break from the general community environment. Inclusion Zones are created and managed by therapists with expertise in autism and sensory-processing challenges. They feature products and amenities known to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and emotional regulation.

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Inclusion Training offers a guide to creating more inclusive and accessible environments. We provide information, tips, and strategies for interacting with all people in a respectful, caring manner.

Learn basic information about Autism, Sensory-Processing Issues, Developmental Disabilities, Mobility issues, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Individuals, Blindness/Visual Impairment, and Hidden Disabilities.

Inclusion Training features live in-person or online trainings for businesses, organizations, and first responders. Get in touch to book an Inclusion Training for your business or organization today!


Inclusion Yoga is for all ages and abilities. Classes are designed to meet the needs of individuals with and without special needs and offer whole group experiences that foster understanding and collaboration, and small group instruction tailored to individual’s needs and learning styles. Participants learn to honor and embrace their authentic self, communicate positively and effectively, improve social skills, and increase their awareness of the mind-body connection in a safe, supportive space that promotes understanding, acceptance, and inclusion!

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