Happy Brain, Happy Life

by Annette Pinder

An article in Psychology Today by Susan Reynolds and Teresa Aubele, Ph.D. titled Happy Brain, Happy Life states, “If you want to be happy the rest of your life, make sure you keep your brain happy.

Neuroscientists say happiness stimulates the growth of nerve connections, improves cognition, our ability to analyze and think, and how we see your surroundings, which creates more happy thoughts. Studies reveal that optimistic people lead happier, richer, more fulfilled lives, have better health habits, stronger immune systems, and live longer than pessimists. Negative thinking saps our energy, slows down our brain, and makes it difficult to function. Optimism increases the body’s serotonin, reduces cortisol, providing a sense of wellbeing.

Fortunately, you can actually choose positive thoughts over negative ones, which is important, and even life-saving, because whatever you think, do, and say affects who you become on the outside, inside, and in your brain. To make that happen the authors say, “Start by thinking happy thoughts, looking on the bright side, and refocusing your brain when negative thoughts occur.” And remember that, “Your mind has the ability to determine how your brain thinks and about what happens in your life, so use it to your own advantage to reframe events and think positively.”

I love being reminded about how to stay on track, and why being positive is a choice, and am always grateful to those who serve as a reminder of that. It does, indeed, make for a better life!

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